Climate and environment

There Is No Planet B

The climate crisis is a genuine crisis that threatens the future of our planet and have responded with a historic mobilization of students around the globe.

We as part of #EntrepreneursForFuture declare our solidarity with the strikers and we support the Paris agreement. In order to transform the economy as a whole, government must act and set a new regulatory framework now.

We can control climate change and preserve the natural environment on which we depend. This is why young people are striking. We stand with the #FridaysForFuture movement – the young people have our respect and our complete support.



Solarmodules, inverters, mountingsystems, monitoring, energy storage.

Our solar modules are manufactured in Germany by Heckert Solar and belong to the most efficient solar modules "Made in Germany". If quality is important to you for a long-term investment, our solar modules are the first choice.



If thermal energy and hot water are required, a solar thermal system is the first choice.

Plate heat exchangers

Plate heat exchanger

An efficient way to transfer heat and cold cost-effectively and compactly. We supply heat exchangers for various applications such as:

- Solar energy
- Pool
- Food processing
- Cooling